We take food to our "Street Friends" meeting their needs:

  • Practically with food, clothing;

  • Socially by talking and interacting personally; 

  • Spiritually by praying with and praying for people.


This is a great thing to do. It is not everyone's personal "thing", but please do what you can to spread the word or connect with us. Even if you don't live in the area you can still encourage the teams who are out many nights a week, in all weathers meeting and connecting with our street friends. We care. We will go the extra mile. We always need volunteers in the Newcastle Area.

If you'd like to help or be involved in any way, walking the streets with our teams, gathering food and clothing, driving, raising funds, storing goods for peak times of need then please get in touch. Please also join us on Facebook.

People who have helped us achieve what we do include: Marks and Spencers, Tesco, ASDA, COOP Funeral Services and the people who don't want to be named - thank you ALL for making a difference! 

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Text or Call our Streetworx Coordinator Joanne on: 07505 583454
Facebook: Destinystreetworx
Destiny Streetworx is the Street Homeless Outreach arm of Destiny Church Newcastle
We believe God loves every person on the planet and everyone is welcome to benefit from help or to volunteer! Let's make a difference today!